Create your profile in a free, easy and fast way!

After the registration step (using your mobile phone number) you will edit your profile on Icemash. The only informations required and visibile to other users are your first name, your age, your sexual orientation and at least two photos of yours. If you want to share more infos, a free space has been created where you can write about yourself

You are ready to use Icemash!


Breaking ice with those around you!

In the home screen you will see only profiles with those around your eyesight, within an area of 300 meters. Icemash allows users to reduce the distance range as well as editing the age filter from the settings button on the top right side of the cellphone screen.


Get to know if he or she likes you in absolute anonymity!

When you open another users’ profile you will see profile photos and optional infos (if shown). It is now possibile for you to vote the desired profile clicking on the heart button. An anonymous banner will notify the liked profile that someone has just voted for him/her. if the two votes coincide a match screen will be opened, and a chat screen will allow the two users to write with each other. It’s you time!


Focus on the one you like!

The Icemash chat is a unique tool! As long as it is open, you cannot vote other users. Of course, you can close the chat whenever you like and go back to the home screen, but remember, once you close the chat, it will be automatically erased and only a new match will allow the two users to interact again.


Be careful of the distance!

In Icemash you can visualize profiles around you within a 300 meters range. If you get a match and then leave the area, a 15 min. countdown will appear on your chat screen that will give you enough time to go back inside the area or exchange contacts with the other person.