Nicegift is a way to reward the most active and brave users of Icemash. Nicegift is organized in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development. At the 20th of each month, starting from August 2020 until December 2020, Icemash will reward top users who earned more points using the app (every month the ranking will be reset).

How to see your score, friend code and the general Nicegift ranking:

Every Icemash user can see the personal score and the friend code entering his/her profile in Icemash.

Besides, users can monitor the general ranking of the month clicking, inside the personal account page, the button “Nicegift”.


The actions users have to do in order to earn points are:

  • Invite a friend: every time a friend of yours registers a profile using your friend code (visible on your profile) you will receive 10 points.
  • Match!: every match you do, you will receive 1 point.
  • Write a review on the Google Play Store: if you write a sincere review about Icemash, not only you will give us a big help in improving the app but also you will receive 30 points. Remember to write your friend code at the end of the review so we can reward you accordingly!
  • Share Instagram Stories: share our highlighted Instagram stories tagging two friend of yours on it in order to earn 15 points. Don’t forget to comment the story with your friend code so we can assign you the points!   
  • Join the Icemash Revolution! Print the flyer avaible below and post it up outside (schools, universities, public transportations…). Send us the pictures you made (with your friend code) to  in order to receive your well deserved 30 points! The picture has to clearly show the flyer and the sourroundings.

Following the Prizes that will be assigned on August 20th, 2020 (Smartbox packages)

1st place: 1000 e 1 notte di incanto
(two nights and one breakfast for two people)
2nd and 3rd place: Fuga da assaporare
(one night with one dinner for two people)
4th and 5th place: Fuga e relax
(one night with one relax experience for two people)
6th and 7th place: Un dolce risveglio
(one night for two people)
8th, 9th and 10th place: Peccato di gola
(one dinner for two people).

Look up our complite regulaton here