Icemash: the revolution returns to its origins

Breaking ice with no embarrassment with people in your close proximity

Icemash is the app that allows you to interact with other people in your proximity; the match happens only when the anonymous vote is reciprocated, therefore the typical, human embarrassment will drop in order to make the first encounter more pleasant.

Go back and talk with people for real

Icemash App does not allow you, after a match happened, to continue interact through the chat with other users outside the defined range of 500m. It is not an app meant to be used online, it is just a way to facilitate offline, real, face to face talks.

Privacy and safety

User profiles on Icemash belong to real people around you. Proximity guarantees truthfulness among profiles and eliminate the chance of using fake ones, giving Icemash an incomparable level in privacy and safety matters.

Match Quality

When a match is done, the two users cannot vote or talk with other in-app users, so the two can focus exclusively on each other. This element, combined with the necessary proximity and with high standards in privacy and security, generates matches where the mutual interest is genuine.


Icemash is a simple app, with few functionalities and a user-friendly interface, that makes the users’ experience extremely intuitive since the registration.