During the registration process Icemash requires my phone number, what is the purpose?

Your Mobile phone number is necessary for your registration in icemash but it will not be visible to any other users or used for purposes not described in our [Privacy Policy]. Furthermore, your mobile phone number will be erased by our servers when the connected profile will be terminated.

How come I cannot see other users on the homepage?

Icemash is a proximity app meant to work within a 300 meters ray. Only users within the area can be detected. If your homepage does not show other users it is because there are not other icemash users around you.

In the settings there is a ON/OFF button. What happens if I push it?

If the button is OFF the GPS in Icemash is off. No other users can see you and you cannot see other users (until the button is OFF)

What is the friend code and what is it for?

The friend code is an alpha-numerical sequence that identifies univocally every profile created on Incemash. The friend code can be used to invite other people to use Icemash. If a person insert your friend code during the registration process, you will automatically receive 10 points to be used on The Nicegift contest.

What is Nicegift?

Nicegift is a contest which will award the most active users in Icemash. The more actions you will do in Icemash, more points you will earn. If at the end of the month you have a top score, you will win a beautiful vacation!
For further information: https://www.icemashapp.com/en/nicegift-en/

Faq for Android app

Why do I have a permanent notification saying “Icemash uses your GPS”?

Unfortunately the newest Android versions have introduced mandatory notifications to inform users on background usage of the GPS services.
On some devices it can be removed or hidden; Inside the app, on the FAQ section a tutorial describes how to remove or hidden the notification

Sometimes when Icemash is in background my profile cannot be detected by other users, Why so?

Usually, Android automatically suspends apps working in background in order to support foreground apps, this behavior is strictly connected with the brand of the mobile device. Inside the app, on the FAQ section a tutorial describes how to solve the problem.